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Volcanic Minerals

Volcanic Minerals

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Every biological process in the body requires a mineral to activate it. The human body requires 70+ minerals per day, which are supposed to come from food. However, our soil has been heavily depleted for more than 120 years and we are only getting about 5-15 minerals from our daily produce. No wonder why there is such a variety of illnesses and issues that show up for us at certain ages.

"Volcanic Minerals" contains 70-102 minerals in ionic form, sourced from volcanic eruption site. It also has two potent extracts of powerful immunity herbs: Moringa and Soursop, both known for their potential anti inflammatory and immune boosting properties.

This blend was created in order to provide the cells with a full spectrum of very pure and potent minerals, together with a superfood such as moringa, and a powerful herb that some strongly believe can have cancer cells killing properties.

Major Potential Benefits:

ā€¢ Structures and Charges the Body
ā€¢ Mineralizes, Potentiates, Alkalizes and Fortifies

MoringaĀ Potential Benefits:

ā€¢ Itā€™s nutrient-packed. Moringa is a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids.
ā€¢ It fights free radicals.
ā€¢ It fights inflammation.
ā€¢ It supports brain health.
ā€¢ It protects the liver.
ā€¢ It contains antimicrobial and antibacterial properties.

Ingredients:Ā ^Full Spectrum ionic, ^Bioavailable, ^Deep Earth Minerals, ^Spagyric Moringa, and ^Spagyric Graviola

[ *Organic | ^Wild-Crafted ]

Serving Size:

  • 50ml Liquid- 3-4 drops per serving // 1,000 drops included
  • Suggested Use:Ā 3-4 drops per cup of any liquid, consistently throughout the day

*Note: clumping may occur within theĀ solutionĀ and show up as black or brown stripes, it is a naturalĀ occurrence of the magnetic quality of the minerals causing clumping. That is what it does, and is completely safe. We don't alter nature, just supply it as it is,Ā trust it.

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