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Brain Fuel - Focus & Memory

Brain Fuel - Focus & Memory

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What Does it Do?

A combination of adaptogenic mushrooms, herbs, and amino acids including L-theanine, which aids in healthy brain function and works as a cognitive enhancer, mood regulator, and nootropic.

How Long will it Last? 1-2 months

Servings per container: 30-60

Serving Size: 1-2 caps

Ingredients: Lion’s Mane*, L-Theanine, Moringa*, Ormus, Gingko*, Bacopa*, Shatavari*, Tulsi*, Muira Puama*, Celastrus^, Ginseng*, Lotus^,  Kanna^, Valerian*, Ashwagandha*, Rhodiola*, Damiana*, Pipperine, Pine Pollen*, Astragalus*, Lavender*. 

[ *Organic  |  ^Wild-Crafted ] 


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